Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things to Happen to You at a Hotel

A recent survey conducted by Britain’s largest budget hotel group found a surge in naked sleepwalking, particularly among its male guests.
The findings prompted leading Australian hotel chain, Metro Hotels, to conduct its own survey of its online newsletter recipients to find out some of their most embarrassing, wacky and downright bizarre moments while staying in a hotel.

Here is just a taste of some of the many responses received:

1. While on holidays on Hamilton Island, a cockatoo flew in through the open patio doors, picked my bra off the bed and flew straight out again…

2. My most embarrassing moment was putting my meal tray outside my hotel door.  As I looked to make sure no-one was watching, my foot slipped and the door slammed shut. I didn’t have the door card because I was in my undies.  Not knowing what to do, I went down to reception and quietly asked for another key card making sure I looked the receptionist in the eye and saying to her “don’t ask!”

3. After a few drinking games with some mates, I was dared to do a naked run to the elevator and back when my mates locked me out of the room.  Mongrels!!!  I was banging on the door for 10 minutes when an elderly couple walked by.  The old guy was laughing and the lady was shielding her eyes as I was standing there in all my glory.

4. During a trip overseas, I lost my purse.  I searched bags, the car, rang the local police and contacted the hotel to report it stolen.  All the time I blamed housekeeping.  Six months later I received a phone call from the hotel staff to say they had received my purse.  It was found under the mattress where I had kept it for safe keeping out of sight of housekeeping.  Moral: It’s okay to trust housekeeping! And hotels don’t turn their mattresses over very often!

5. Trying to impress my new boyfriend at breakfast in the revolving restaurant in a hotel on the Gold Coast, I accidently got my heel caught in the rotating walkway.  My only choice was to hold my plate of food and wave the six times I went round as I waited for staff to help me!

6. My fiancé was staying at a hotel with his mates.  He noticed water coming under his door and rushed out to see what it was.  His mate had falled asleep in the bath with the shower running and had flooded the whole hotel floor!

7. After an evening of cheer with old friends, I returned to my hotel room to find the door unlocked.  Not thinking of it again, I climbed into bed.  My neighbor thought all his Christmas’ had come at once!  Very embarrassed, I returned to my room next door.

8. The door was open so I went in… hubby was in bed with another woman!!!  I screamed, yelled and whacked…until I realized I was in the wrong room and it was a pair of perfect strangers!!

9.  While on holidays on Hamilton Island, a cockatoo flew in through the open patio doors, picked my bra off the bed and flew straight out again…in a state of shock and rage – it was brand new designer bra – I ran out the door of my bungalow chasing after the bird. I had gotten about twenty feet into the grounds of the resort when I suddenly realized I was stark naked from the waist up

10. I was a room service waitress at Hotel in Fremantle, WA in 1986.  One night I was delivering meals to hotel rooms.  On one delivery I got more than I bargained for.  A male, I believe he was Italian, answered the door completely naked and invited me to deliver the food tray to his table.  I walked in to find a naked woman lying fully stretched out on the bed covered in shaving foam!  Neither the male or female were phased by my invited intrusion!  I didn’t know where to look but I remember getting well tipped!

The survey was conducted in December 2007 as part of the Metro Hotel chains monthly customer eMetro e-newsletter sent to over 20,000 subscribers.

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