Non-smoking Hotels have been a breath of fresh air

Five years on and the decision to adopt a 100% Non-smoking policy in all of its 14 hotels, motels, resorts and serviced apartments around Australia has proven to be an extremely positve move by Metro Hotels.

The initial move to adopt the smoke free policy came about in 2006 following increased demand for non-smoking rooms from corporate and government clients.

“At the time we envisaged the change would be well received by our clients as the decision to become non-smoking basically came from them,” explained Metro Hotels Chief Operating Officer, George Bedwani. “And the initial decision has proven to be a very good one”, he said.

Metro Hotels has experienced no negative impact on their business. “To the contrary, we have received numerous positive comments from our guests and we have even secured new business from specific organisations in the health industry because we guarantee all rooms are non-smoking.” noted Mr Bedwani.

There is still no official regulations requiring a total smoke-free environment in Hotels, Motels and other short term accommodation properties however Metro Hotels has made it an official requirement for all of their properties.

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