Metro Hotels Provides Spiritual Book to Guests as a Source of Inspiration

In a world-first, Australian-owned hotel chain Metro Hotels will place a book called Jing Si Aphorisms in all rooms in its NSW and Queensland properties, to enable guests to learn more about the Buddhist compassionate relief organisation, Tzu Chi Foundation.

The Foundation first came to the attention of the hotel chain when it went unasked to the aid of Ipswich residents, giving out care packages following the devastating 2011 floods. The hotel chain’s Ipswich property, Metro Hotel Ipswich International, built a relationship with the Foundation and offered to put books in its rooms so that its guests would learn more about the work and philosophy of the organisation.

Metro Hotels decided to extend this offer to other properties, with Metro Hotel Sydney Central General Manager Earl Muir yesterday accepting a special presentation of the books from Julia Wu, principal of Tzu Chi Foundation, Gold Coast, and Stephen Kan, CEO of Tzu-Chi Sydney.


The book, Jing Si Aphorisms, translates the essence of the Buddha’s teachings to exemplify life lessons. ‘Aphorism’ means original thought, or definition, and rather than being a religious text the book is meant to be an explanation of the Buddhist faith.

Mr Muir said the Tzu Chi Foundation, which lives by the creed that it is more of a blessing to serve others than be served, believes in service to the community and has demonstrated its commitment to this belief through its actions in Ipswich.

“This organisation has shown tremendous compassion and service to Australian communities when they are in need and Metro Hotel believes it is an organisation which Australians may want to know more about,” he said.

“Placing Jing Si Aphorisms in our hotel rooms gives guests another reading option to the Holy Bible. The book is being supplied as a source of inspiration to our guests. This is not about converting people from one religion to another but rather promoting harmony and diversity.”

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