Metro Hotel on Pitt Asking ‘RUOK?’

Property Manager of Metro Hotel on Pitt, Simon Wanstall and a number of Metro Hotel’s Sydney staff participated in the recent City2Surf in Sydney, raising over one and a half thousand dollars for Oz Harvest. This amount enables over 3,000 meals for people in much needed assistance.

So far this year, the small team at Metro Hotel on Pitt have collectively raised over $3,000 in a variety of causes, and donated their spare time to help out Sydney’s most disadvantaged homeless.

Simon and his team are great devotees to the local community in Sydney and will be holding a number events leading up to“RUOK?” Day on September 11th, 2015.

“The welfare of our guests, colleagues and loved ones is important here at Metro Hotel on Pitt. During September we will be holding a series of events to encourage conversation, promote friendship and comradery and hopefully raise the awareness of the campaign to ask RU OK?” said Simon. “Our mantra borrowed from, is that it isn’t okay to ask to borrow someone’s toothbrush, but it is okay to ask RU OK?” he added.

Metro Hotels has a strong history of ensuring their workforce is given the opportunity to talk to someone should anything not be okay through their Employee Assistance Line and Metro Hotel on Pitt is delighted to further strengthen this link and communication about mental health.

Events for the hotel team will include; coffee making classes, bread making experience, “sushi” rolling class, wine tasting, tea tasting. They will also be holding trust based games and talking a lot more about the stigmas behind this simple question.


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