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The Gladstone region is renowned for being a fisherman’s paradise. There is an abundance of fishing spots offering a plethora of fish species to catch. Whether you enjoy fishing from a creek, lake, island, beach or estuary, Gladstone has a spot to cater to your needs – all year round!

Just 30 minutes from Gladstone CBD is Lake Awoonga, which winds through Boyne Valley and is surrounded by the towering cliffs of Mount Castletower. The lake provides not only the main water supply for the Gladstone region but also free recreational fishing to tourists and locals alike. Seasoned and novice anglers come to Lake Awoonga just to catch Barramundi – over 300,000 are released into the lake every year – with the largest catch weighing in at a hefty 36.5kg!

Plus the lake has many other species of freshwater fish including mullet, mangrove jack, bream, garfish, grunter, spangled perch and more. For amateur anglers boat hire is available, or you can join a guided fishing charter who will take you to the best fishing spots and provide top advice on ways to snag a barra.

Lake Awoonga’s recreational areas have sheltered picnic and barbeque spots, plus walking tracks and playgrounds. Water sports are also allowed, including sailing, water skiing, canoeing and swimming. Where there is fish, there are sure to be birds and Lake Awoonga does not disappoint – approximately 25 percent of Australia’s native bird species can be found in the Lake Awoonga region alone – providing a great location for bird watching. The lake is also home to a host of native fauna including bandicoots, rufous bettongs, kangaroos, wallabies, Greater Gliders, and brushtail possums.

Just under an hour’s drive from Gladstone is Turkey Beach – with calm waves and peaceful tidal estuaries hiding many aquatic treasures. This coastal fishing village presents numerous areas for fishing flathead, cod or sand whiting. The numerous mangrove inlets and estuaries provide some of the best mud crabbing areas in Queensland, so mud crab fans take note!

Turkey Beach is geographically closer to the Great Barrier Reef than anywhere else in Queensland. The town is also within driving distance to the suburbs of 1770 and Agnes Water.

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Fishing in Gladstone | Gladstone Attractions

Fishing in Gladstone | Gladstone Attractions

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