Amuwarngka Cultural Experience

The Amuwarngka Cultural experience is an Aboriginal owned and operated tour company based on Groote Eylandt, which is in the Gulf of Carpentaria, off the coast of eastern Arnhem Land.

Traditional owners guide visitors around various sites of interest on Groote Eylandt, inclucing rock art galleries, swimming holes and remote beaches for shallow water spear fishing experiences.

Traditional cultural experiences are assured, whilst learning about land values and lifestyle of the Warnindilyakwa people on Groote Eylandt.

Groote Eylandt Lodge is working with the Anindilyakwa speaking people, helping to organise a diverse range of tours that will enhance your Groote Eylandt experience.

Cultural Centre:

View local art including paintings, basket and mat weaving, didgeridoos and carvings or meet with local artists.

In 2005, Anindilyakwa Art was established to help the Indigenous artists of Groote Eylandt promote and market their artefacts and crafts.

Items available through Anindilyakwa Art include paintings (ochres and acrylics on canvas, bark and shells), ceremonial and traditional wood works and carvings (spears, woomeras, coolamons, clap sticks, miniature canoes, didgeridoos, boomerangs and carved animals).

Traditional and unique jewellery design using materials only found on the island (shells and seeds), weaving (pandanas mats, baskets and dillybags) using traditional methods and natural dyes are also a popular choice.

The Cultural Centre also plays host to local musicians and dancers to entertain visitors of the Lodge.

Amuwarngka Cultural Experience | Groote Eylandt Lodge

Amuwarngka Cultural Experience | Groote Eylandt Lodge

- Groote Eylandt Lodge Miro Mitrovich,