Greater need for corporate responsibility in tough times, says Metro Hotels

The Global Financial Crisis is no excuse for businesses to cut back on their corporate and community responsibilities but instead a time to ensure these commitments retain budgeting priority, a major Australian hotel chain has advised.

George Bedwani, COO of Australian hotel chain Metro Hotels, said the company had a long history of supporting a wide range of not-for-profit and community organisations and was committed to continuing this support, especially in tough times.

Metro Hotels has recently linked several well-known charities to its online accommodation booking system, donating 5% of each customer’s accommodation bill to their selected charity as a means of generating a stream of residual for the three popular not-for-profit organisations.

Called the One Community Program, the booking system links the Cancer Council, World Wildlife Fund and Save the Children with both the Metro Hotel chain and the thousands of its guests who book accommodation online at one of its properties each year.

“Too many businesses have taken the opportunity of the GFC to cut back on their corporate and community responsibilities at a time when these organisations need more support than ever,” Mr Bedwani said.

“Metro Hotels is instead seeking new ways of engaging our customers in our corporate giving so they can also feel a part of supporting these important organizations and the work they do, especially when everyone is tightening their belts.”

Mr Bedwani said the One Community Program was created to provide greater awareness of the organisations with which Metro Hotels had chosen to partner, as well as to provide an income stream for them. By linking the charities to the website booking program, customers booking accommodation at Metro Hotels can view details on each of the charities and select the one which most appeals to them at the time of booking. All website bookings still enable customers to receive the best rate available on the day and no booking fees apply.

For guests who want to learn more about the charities, a link to their websites is also provided, enabling people to make additional direct donations to each of the charities should they choose to do so.

In addition to the formal support provided to the three partner not-for-profit organisations listed, individual Metro Hotel apartments, hotels, inns and resorts around Australia continue to support local community organisations through the recent global financial downturn.

“Metro Hotels been part of the Australian community for more than 30 years and is proud to be Australia’s oldest 100% owned and operated hotel chain,” Mr Bedwani said. “We are here for the long term and consider it important that we lend a hand to those who help others so they can be here too.”

Metro Hotels has apartments, hotels, inns and resorts in Sydney, Brisbane, Ipswich, Gladstone, Melbourne, Perth, Albany and Groote Island. To book accommodation at Metro Hotels, visit the website at or call the toll free Central Reservations line on 1800 004 321.

Metro Hotels is the public face of Transmetro Corporation, an Australian owned public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The Group currently provides a national accommodation network of properties, with over 1000 rooms in key locations and major cities across Australia.

- Metro Hotel Perth Pauline, August 21, 2015