Check-in / Check-out times

  • The guaranteed check-in time for all Metro Hotels, Apartments and Inns is 2.00 pm on day of arrival. Early check in is subject to availability on the day of your arrival. Early check-in cannot be guaranteed.
  • Guests may choose to pre-register for early arrival by booking and paying for the night prior to their arrival. Please contact the property directly if required.
  • Luggage storage can be provided if early check in is not available.
  • See specific property for check-out time.
  • Late check out may be possible by contacting the property directly and is subject to availability on day of departure (charges may apply – check with reception)
  • An additional night’s full accommodation rate may apply to guests who fail to check-out by the specified time stated on their booking.

Age of Guests

Age restrictions may apply for guest under 18 years of age who wish to stay at one of our properties unaccompanied by an adult or legal guardian. Please contact the specific Hotel, Apartment or Inn for further details.

Metro Hotels Smoke-free Hotel Policy

Metro Hotels is committed to providing its guests and associates with a 100% smoke-free environment, and is proud to boast one of the most comprehensive smoke-free hotel policies in the industry. Since its introduction in May 2006, the policy has been implemented in all 14 properties throughout Australia under the Metro Hotels, Metro Apartments, Metro Inns, Aspire Hotels brands.

The smoke-free hotel policy has received praise and positive support from guests and the broader community, and Metro Hotels remains committed to achieving a smoke-free environment in all of its properties. The continuing effort of these properties to comply with the smoke-free policy reinforces Metro Hotels commitment to being an environmentally friendly company.

We look forward to welcoming you — so you can experience the clean and clear difference that Metro Hotels offers.

1. What is Metro Hotels Smoke-free Hotel Environment strategy? 

Metro Hotels Smoke-free policy strategy includes all of the company’s accommodation brands throughout Australia. This policy began in May 2006.

This policy includes guest rooms, public spaces and hotel management work areas.

2. Why did Metro Hotels implement a Smoke-free Hotel policy? 

The majority of guest requests favour a non-smoking hotel environment. The only way to provide this experience is to not allow smoking within the property. Therefore, we have applied this preference throughout our hotels. We do provide designated smoking areas outside the building to accommodate the needs of guests who smoke.

3. How will smokers be accommodated? Will they be able to smoke on the property? 

Although smoking is not permitted within hotel buildings themselves, guests who smoke are permitted to do so outside in designated areas.

4. What measures will Metro Hotels take to enforce the Smoke-free Hotel policy? 

All property staff have been trained to respond to potential violations of the policy. For example, housekeepers are trained to observe signs of smoking in the hotel. Guests are reminded at the time of booking and upon arrival at the hotel that smoking is not permitted inside the building. Pre-arrival email notifications also include a reference to the policy. Signage is also placed in the rooms and the information about all properties being non-smoking is highlighted in all online and offline marketing material. There is a significant room recovery fee for guests who do not comply in order to cover the extensive cost of restoring guest rooms to a smoke-free condition.

Pet policy

For the comfort and enjoyment of all guests we have a strict “No Pet” policy, excluding registered guide-dogs. For further information, enquire at the property directly.

Are you looking for a dog Minder while you’re away?

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