10 Reasons to Stay in An Apartment When on Holidays

Holidays are important. We save up for them for months and sometimes years, and many of us put a lot of work into finding the perfect place to stay. We trawl the internet, ask friends and family and search guide books in the hope of finding that elusive perfect destination and property to invest our hard-earned holiday dollars in.

Once you have decided on your destination, the biggest choice you will make is where to stay. Metro Apartments believes strongly that choosing an apartment for their holiday stay provides the holiday-goer with many benefits.

Here are 10 reasons why Metro Hotels believe you will love staying in an apartment on your next holiday.

  1. Space. The main reason you choose an apartment is space, and lots of it! No longer are you tripping over your spread-eagled suitcase, its contents spilling out on the floor of your bedroom, or stepping around clothes drying all over your ensuite like a Chinese laundry. Life in an apartment means you can spread out just like you were at home, with your clothes stacked neatly in a cupboard, your suitcases packed neatly away and your bathroom used only for the purposes for which it was build.
  2. Kitchen.  In an apartment you are provided with a toaster, microwave, plates, cutlery, bench space and even a kitchen sink! You have everything you need to be able to cook a meal in your own fully-equipped kitchen. Dinner can be takeaway or a gourmet feast – just find a supermarket nearby and buy what you need. Its fresher and healthier than eating out and, when you’re finished, stack the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or wash up in the kitchen sink – it’s as easy as being at home.
  3. Laundry. While we’re talking about facilities, you can’t go past the laundry. Having the ability to throw in a load of dirty clothes and to dry them in a clothes dryer, ready for wear the next day, is a convenience no one on holidays wants to be without. You don’t need to wash your undergarments in the bathroom sink and hang them over the shower rail, or throw your soggy and sandy beach towel over the balcony rail. In an apartment, your personals and other items are fresh and dried and back in your wardrobe before you know it.
  4. Location. Metro Apartments are perfectly located so you are always close to major attractions and to transport, so you don’t have to suffer the inconvenience of being outside the city centre just to have the convenience of an apartment.
  5. Service. Metro Apartments have a reception and service desk which are always adequately manned so you can get help if and when you need it, and apartments are regularly serviced to ensure they are kept clean and comfortable. Metro Apartments pride themselves on their exceptional service record, so whether it’s a tip on the best theatre in town or directions to a local tourist attraction, Metro Apartments staff are available to help.
  6. Cost.  Apartments are more suited to longer stays and therefore have a lower turnover and a lower cost base, meaning you get more but pay less. Apartments can also accommodate more guests, often without a surcharge, so you can spread the cost across the guests and save even more money.
  7. Safety and privacy. There are fewer people coming and going in apartments so you and your family are more likely to be able to travel safely around the building in an apartment than in a hotel.
  8. Entertaining. Apartments give you the option of entertaining other guests, even though you are a guest yourself. In most apartmenta, you have a living and a dining area in which to entertain your guests. Cook up a feast or just enjoy a drink before going out – apartments are great for entertaining.
  9. Facilities. Whether it’s a pool, a gymnasium, a restaurant, free wifi  or an area where you can relax and unwind, Metro Apartments offer many of these and more at their various properties, giving you additional space in which to enjoy your holiday home-away-from-home.
  10. Comfort. For families, apartments offer the comforts and convenience of home while you’re away from home. The children can sleep in their own room and often have their own bathroom, giving Mum and Dad some privacy in the master bedroom. The living area means you can watch television or relax and read a book (without going to bed) and you will also enjoy the luxury of temperature-controlled air conditioning.

So when you’re planning your next holiday, consider these 10 reasons to choose apartment accommodation for your next holiday.

Metro Hotels offers apartment style accommodation at the following properties:-

Metro Hotel and Apartments Darling Harbour, Sydney
132 – 136 Sussex Street,   SYDNEY   NSW   2000
T: +61 2 9290 9200
E: metrodarlingharbour@metrohg.com
W: www.metrohotels.com.au

Metro Apartments on King, Sydney
27 – 29 King Street,   SYDNEY   NSW   2000
T: +61 2 9290 9200
E: metrodarlingharbour@metrohg.com
W: www.metrohotels.com.au

Metro Apartments on Bank Place, Melbourne
18 Bank Place,   MELBOURNE   VIC   3000
T: +61 3 9604 4321
E: bankplace@metrohg.com 
W: www.metrohotels.com.au

Metro Hotel Ipswich International, Queensland
43 South Street,   IPSWICH   QLD   4305
T: +61 7 3812 8077
E: ipswich@metrohg.com
W: www.metrohotels.com.au

Metro Hotel and Apartments Gladstone
22 – 24 Roseberry Street,   GLADSTONE   QLD   4680
T: +61 7 4972 4711
E: gladstone@metrohg.com
W: www.metrohotels.com.au

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